Welcome to the Hello Fresh Blog!

Welcome to the new hub for food-lovers across London! The team at Hello Fresh is very pleased to meet you, and can’t wait to get started.
Every week, we’ll be bringing you a variety of delightful culinary and healthy ideas, reviews and recipes that you can try yourself, or with your family. This blog will be the perfect accompaniment to any meal or cooking experience, whether you’re just starting out in your kitchen or you’re an award-winning chef like ours!
The Hello Fresh benefits in a nutshell:

  • By delivering delicious recipes to your doorstep with the ingredients required to prepare them, we help your inner master chef emerge
  • Our recipes are created by a world-class chef with the happiness of your taste buds and health in mind
  • You could cook each of our meals for as £4.30 a meal, whether it’s Lamb Kofta with Almond Couscous or a mouth-watering Steak stir fry
  • We reduce your annoying grocery list!
  • All our recipes can be cooked in less than 30 minutes.
  • Hello Fresh delivers in the exact quantities that you require; no wastage or unnecessary expenditure
  • Our ingredients are sourced from some the best providers in the U.K., and delivered to you fresh
  • We’ve been told that you can’t find fault with our customer service 😉

Happy Cooking!
The Hello Fresh Team


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