Top Tips for Healthy Eating

Hopefully it’s pretty obvious that all of us here at Hello Fresh absolutely love food. Cooking a delicious meal is creative, fun, and, as our new customer Julie told us on Facebook, it brings people together. But food has another, more important superpower: it keeps our bodies going and keeps us fit and healthy…if we eat the right mix!

We create all of our recipes and select all of our produce for the best possible nutritional balance – providing your body with what it needs from an evening meal to keep you going. Our real objective, though, is to help our customers discover tasty and healthy new recipes for themselves, creating a new generation of great amateur (or perhaps pro?) chefs.

So, to create this army of Hello Fresh super-food soldiers we aim to bring you all you need to know to manage your own diet effectively. After all, it is only you who really know what types of food you need and when. In this blog series we will be bringing you weekly top tips for healthy eating…and no, that doesn’t just mean ‘eat more veg!’

For example, did you know that sweet potatoes contain many more simple carbohydrates than regular potatoes? Simple carbs are much easier to break down and digest, so they are much better to eat before bed than regular potatoes. Plus, they’re super tasty!

Of course, we regularly treat our friends on Facebook and Twitter to such gems of information..and we’ve learnt a few new things too! However, we do also like to post funny and cute pictures to help lighten up your day, so we thought perhaps we should give you regular tips in our weekly blog roll too.

You can make sure you never miss a thing by subscribing to our blog (using the form on the top-right of this page) or you can simply join us on Facebook and Twitter to have all of our posts right at your fingertips!

Let us start off this week by asking you guys: Do you have any healthy eating top tips to share?


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