Top Hello Fresh Chef’s New Cooking Show

Have you ever wondered who is behind the creation of our tasty meals? Well wonder no more! Let us introduce you to our top chef, Patrick Drake.

Before he busied himself in the Hello Fresh kitchens, Patrick has worked in the City as a lawyer, been a chalet chef in the Swiss Alps and has even had the chance to experiment in the kitchens of the famous Fat Duck.

There’s no denying it, Patrick is an incredibly dedicated guy. During his stint as a lawyer he was secretly working in the firm’s fine dining kitchens. At the same time (as if lawyers aren’t busy enough already!), he also worked evenings at infamous Mayfair members club, The Cuckoo Club. Renowned for its decadent and edgy air, the club is home to some of the City’s most creative bods – a discerning audience for Patrick’s creations.

Once he had learned everything he could from producing culinary creations for City high-fliers, he turned his hand to Mediterranean cooking for a top Spanish restaurant located in Bermondsey Street. Hungry for more knowledge, Patrick continued on to learn with the very best in the laboratories of the Fat Duck restaurant, famed for chef Heston Blumenthal and his crazy taste creations that shouldn’t work – but do.

More recently, Patrick appeared on ITV1’s foodie show Dinner Date – think Come Dine With Me, but with chat-up lines. In fact, not only did Patrick take part in the show – he won!

To find out more about Patrick you can view his full biography here: You might also want to take a look at Patrick in action on YouTube with his channel, Sixtysecondchef, where he shows you easy ways to cook up a variety of treats from around the world.

Patrick has been with Hello Fresh from our earliest days and has been designing our easy, healthy and tasty recipes ever since. His favourite creations for us so far include the Tiger Prawn and Prosciutto Linguine and the Chorizo and Toasted Pine Nut Beefburger with Red Onion Marmalade. And what is his all-time favourite meal? His Mum’s shepherd’s pie, of course!

And now, on his quest to find the best ingredients and tantalising recipes, Patrick will be visiting Italy for more food-related adventures. Better yet, he will be filming this in a series for National Geographic, so you can watch and learn with him on his adventures. In the show Patrick will be completing such activities as visiting mozzarella farms and going fishing before cooking the locals up a tasty dish using their local ingredients.

Take the journey with Patrick and discover more about how he gets his recipe ideas on his travels with National Geographic airing next spring.

You can also keep abreast of Patrick’s experiences filming the show by subscribing to our blog (using the form up on the top-right) or you can simply join us on Facebook and Twitter to hear what he’s been up to.

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