Discover Ginger – the wonder herb!

This healthy eating blog is all about tapping into the hidden power of our food…and almost all food has at least one super power. But if mushrooms, with their cholesterol-lowering, vitamin D-boosting powers, were Iron Man, ginger would definitely be Superman!

Ginger peeling

Tip: Waste less by peeling ginger with the side of a spoon rather than a knife

So what super powers does this intriguing herb possess?

  • Stomach settling – Ginger has been used for hundreds of years to settle upset stomachs and heartburn. It is now even recommended to help with morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • Pain relief – Ginger has similar pain relieving qualities as aspirin. In fact, tests have shown that ginger is more effective at alleviating pain than aspirin and has no nasty side-effects1
  • Blood thinning – When it comes to thinning the blood, ginger once again beats aspirin hands-down. Ginger inhibits the same blood-thickening enzyme as aspirin but without the potential for joint pain, bleeding ulcers or a compromised immune system.2
  • Increased circulation – Due to its ability to thin blood, as well as its cholesterol-reducing side-effect3, ginger also helps to increase blood flow. This in turn increases sperm count and sperm mobility in men, leading to increased fertility4 and also helps to cure migraines.
  • Ulcer prevention – Researchers have already isolated and identified six ulcer-preventing chemicals in ginger5. So this wonder-herb can settle the stomach, relieve pain and prevent ulcers all at the same time!
  • Fighting cancer – Researchers from the University of Minnesota found that ginger may actually slow the growth of colon cancer. Even more amazingly, a study conducted at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre found that ginger powder actually induces cell death in all ovarian cancer cells!
  • Combats diabetes – Ginger can help to regulate blood-sugar levels and promote circulation, helping diabetics avoid kidney damage6.

Of course, we are not advocating the use of ginger over and above medicine prescribed by your doctor, and if you are seriously ill then please do contact your doctor before simply munching on a big bag of ginger!

However, as part of your everyday diet, there is little else that can achieve quite so much as ginger. And what’s more…it is pretty darn tasty too!

For these reasons, ginger can often be found as an ingredient in Hello Fresh recipes…particularly some of our oriental meals and stir-frys. Ginger-licious!


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