British Cheese Week – Our favourites

Wallace was particularly fond of Wensleydale (“cracking cheese, Gromit! ”), Antony Worrall Thompson was caught pinching cheese from his local Tesco’s and Sir Winston Churchill was a man who liked his Stilton. With over 700 cheeses produced in Britain, it’s not surprising that we are such cheese disciples, consuming some 600,000 tonnes per year. Brought by an eye-popping 98% of British households, you no longer need to roam across the channel to find tasty cheese. Continue reading


60 Second Chef – Patrick’s story so far

As some of you will know I have been filming a new cooking series for National Geographic called 60 Second Chef. In the series I get to meet some great Italian chefs, learn all about Italian cooking and feed some of the locals with my culinary delights.

…but I didn’t want to leave you all behind. So I thought I would let you backstage to find out what life is really like as the 60 second chef.  Continue reading