The story of Thanksgiving

Our friends across the pond are travelling to their family homes and rolling up their sleeves to prepare a hearty meal of turkey and pumpkin pie. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving time.

The political atmosphere may be fractious and America’s military presence abroad may rankle many of its citizens, but Thanksgiving offers Americans a holiday to be celebrated as they see fit, not dictated by religion or creed. Continue reading


What’s in your supermarket food? Some shocking facts and homemade food ideas.

Do we know what really goes into supermarket bought foods? Recently an Ipswich-based creator of “fresh” pesto were caught out by Trading Standards when it was found that their listed ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, locally grown basil and grana padano cheese, were actually cheap sunflower oil, Israeli basil and Latvian cheese. And while the pesto was marketed as ‘fresh’ it was actually being batch frozen. Continue reading