Hello Fresh New Year, Hello Fresh Start

With a fresh new year fast approaching we thought it appropriate to talk New Year’s resolutions, or as we call them, fresh starts

Hello Fresh New Year

We’ve asked some of the Hello Fresh team to find out what they most want to achieve next year – whether or not they succeed, well, we’ll have to wait and see!


Here are five of the most interesting fresh start plans from our team, but what are yours? You can use the comments at the bottom to let us know, or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook.

 1. Develop a good relationship with my body

Obviously a lot of our team have an interest in food, health and diet before they arrive at Hello Fresh, but do they have a good relationship with their body?

I’ve always watched the calories, been to the gym and generally tried to keep fit and healthy, but I started to run my body down by doing too much. Working at Hello Fresh has made me a little more relaxed about my calorie-counting and I have started feeling much more energetic and healthy.

My fresh start to 2013 will come as I find the perfect balance for my body”

– Arnie

 2. Learn a great party trick

It’s always pretty impressive when someone rocks up at a party with some useless yet entertaining skill, but the same trick can grow old…quickly.

I’ve always admired the way Robbie Williams for the way he nonchalantly throws his microphone in the air during a concert and then catches it again without even looking at it. I’m going to have a fresh start in 2013 by learning to do the same with my Japanese chef’s knife. If I can avoid adding one of my fingers to the recipe while I do it then all the better!”

– Patrick

 3. Try foods I’m scared of

Everyone has a few foods they are afraid of trying – whether it be fennel or dragonfruit.

The weird and wonderful dragonfruit

The weird and wonderful dragonfruit

But being around our Hello Fresh team is going to give you new food confidence!

I’m actually quite scared of trying many new foods. I always thought of myself as a picky eater, only really sticking to what I know. Having said that, working here has introduced me to new foods like lentils and fish, and I’ve enjoyed them – so for my fresh start I think I will try more foods I’m scared of and see what I actually do and don’t like”

– Ellie

 4. Learn to ride a bike

Most people are already comfortable propelling themselves around on two wheels, but many of us will have a skill that we missed out on learning as a kid.

It’s pretty embarrassing to admit, but I can’t ride a bike particularly well – I can just about stay balanced, but anything more is too much. I guess my embarrassment has stopped me from trying so I haven’t actually gotten any better.

So in 2013 I think my fresh start will come from sucking up my pride and get practising.”

– Chris

 5. Eat with the family once a week

A good sit down meal with the family does a world of good, both for you and the children, but the modern family can sometimes struggle to find the time.

I always used to eat evening meals with my parents, but life was different back then. Our mother always had time to prepare and cook a good meal and we weren’t distracted by T.V. and games the way we are now.

For my fresh start in 2013 I am going to make an effort to ensure our family eats at the table at least once a week, with no distractions. I think it will make us all happier and closer.”

– Caroline

What is your favourite of our team’s fresh starts? Any that you think you might try?

Looking for a fresh start to your relationship with food? Check out our fresh start page and get money off your first order. There is even a opportunity to get yourself a £20 spa voucher. Visit the fresh start page for more information.

Let us know what you’re planning for your fresh start and keep us posted – we love hearing what our customers are up to. You could send us photos of your achievements, update us on your progress or send us a message from your trip of a lifetime!

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