Predicted Food Trends for 2013

Another new year emerges with new ideas, events and appetites to explore. But do we really change our eating habits year by year? Let’s see how 2012 trends compare to the predicted trends of 2013.

Local Produce – As My Secret Kitchen predicted, local meat and fish suppliers are likely to rise in popularity, just like the old days! As imports aren’t as affordable as they used to be, it makes sense for both local producers to trade with local consumers and businesses, supporting both the local economy and local taste-buds.

Like last year however, we are still likely to see dishes from around the world catch on in 2013, such as French Dip, Korean fermented cabbage – Kimchi and Ceviche – the South American fish carpaccio.

Dynamic Drinks – Anyone thirsty for new flavours may keep their eyes peeled for some totally ‘out-there’ cocktails set to emerge this year. From crazy concoctions dashed with yuzu bitters, cardamom syrup and topped with smoked ice cubes – these combinations are set to take your taste buds to unfamiliar universes.

Bubble Tea

                        Bubble Tea

This is not radically different from 2012’s trend of drinking Taiwanese bubble tea (full of unusual tapioca chewy ‘bubbles’). There are so many more options than regular brew now you know?!

Gourmet snacks – Apparently a pasty or a celery stick will no longer suffice for peckish people these days. Last year mini-burgers, or ‘sliders‘, drifted across the pond to a warm welcome in the UK and fast food in general took a turn to the gourmet. 2012 made it acceptable to wash hotdogs down with champagne and even turned fried-chicken upmarket.

2013 however will see gourmet popcorn in a plethora of flavours. From blue cheese to strawberry cheesecake to Madras, the madness is predicted to take off this year. You may have recently seen Joe and Steph’s amazing variety of gourmet popcorn in your box, they’re so tasty we couldn’t keep them to ourselves!Fresh Start

We love introducing you to new taste adventures by creating exciting, fun and easy-to-follow recipes each week. We also like to pop a little treat in our boxes every now and then, like mince pie popcorn or some great Prestat chocolate – even some lipstick from the fabulous Glossybox! If you’ve not tried Hello Fresh yet then head over to our Fresh Start page to claim £10 off your first box.

What was the tastiest or more unusual food or drink you tried last year? Is there any unusual food trends you’ve spotted recently?

If you have one you would like to share let us know at on Facebook or Twitter, or simply use the comment box below!


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