Recipe for disaster: Lack of food education causing increase in health problems experts warn

Britain’s youth are “sleepwalking” into a major health crisis, a powerful coalition of chefs, restauranteurs and health experts have explained in a letter to the Daily Telegraph. The letter, sent to the newspaper at the start of February, explains how a lack of basic nutrition and cooking education in primary schools is stirring up serious social and economic problems.

Signed by the likes of Paul Lindley, the founder of baby food producer Ella’s Kitchen, Tom Aikens, the chef and restaurateur, and Prof David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, the letter calls for a cross-party commitment to food education in primary schools.

Mr Lindley said: “Children don’t understand food enough any more. Cooking is no longer compulsory in schools so people are failing to pass these skills on to their own children.

“We are becoming trapped in this vicious circle that leads to people making the wrong choices about food which inevitably results in malnutrition at one end of the scale and obesity at the other.”

The NHS already spends around £6bn on health-related diseases and the coalition worry that this cost will increase as food education spirals ever further downwards. Parents will not have the skills or knowledge to pass along to their children who, in turn, will be unable to teach their own children, making a serious crisis just a generation or two away!

Obviously this downward spiral needs to be broken, but how?

The coalition’s letter suggests that a cross-party 25-year commitment to food education in primary schools and for under-5s is needed to solve the problem. While this solution may help, we can’t but think it would be far better getting parents and kids in the kitchen together, learning about food by cooking (and eating)!

Hello Fresh Recipe for Health

A large part of the Hello Fresh concept is around making it easy for busy people to rediscover the joy of cooking and to learn a little along the way. We do the long and boring part – selecting the recipes each week and sourcing the best ingredients – leaving you to do the fun bit…the cooking!

We have also done our very best to carefully create nutritionally balanced and healthy recipes, so you and your kids get just the right mix of food groups and nutrients.

By cooking with Hello Fresh you have a great opportunity to teach your children cooking and nutrition skills and have a little fun to boot! It also teaches kids the importance of a good, mixed diet rather than the obsessive calorie counting culture that seems to be growing in the UK.

What are your memories of food education at school? Is better food education in primary schools the best way forward or should parents make more of an effort at home?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave us a comment below, on Facebook or on Twitter.


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