Recipe for disaster: Lack of food education causing increase in health problems experts warn

Britain’s youth are “sleepwalking” into a major health crisis, a powerful coalition of chefs, restauranteurs and health experts have explained in a letter to the Daily Telegraph. The letter, sent to the newspaper at the start of February, explains how a lack of basic nutrition and cooking education in primary schools is stirring up serious social and economic problems.

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The Origins of Valentine’s Day

On the 14th February each year, romantics across the Western world send Valentine’s cards, presents and share experiences together. Hello Fresh Valentine's heartBut is Valentine’s Day just another Hallmark-invented excuse to help sell more heart-shaped chocolates? Is there any real romantic meaning behind Valentine’s Day? Continue reading

Hello Fresh New Year, Hello Fresh Start

With a fresh new year fast approaching we thought it appropriate to talk New Year’s resolutions, or as we call them, fresh starts

Hello Fresh New Year

We’ve asked some of the Hello Fresh team to find out what they most want to achieve next year – whether or not they succeed, well, we’ll have to wait and see!


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Creative Christmas leftover recipes

When there’s so many of you eating, as there often is at Christmas, it is hard to plan exact portions.

The Hello Fresh Christmas Box

The Hello Fresh Christmas Box

Our Hello Fresh Christmas box has been specially put together to feed either 4-6 or 6-8 people, but even then there are likely to be some leftovers.

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The origins of Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the biggest and most special meals of the year. It is a chance to enjoy a wonderful feast with family and loved ones, but it hasn’t always been turkey and roast potatoes that families were tucking in to. The Christmas dinner as we know and love it today has evolved over hundreds of years, changing veggies and meats over time. So what at the origins of the traditional Christmas roast? Continue reading