Creative Christmas leftover recipes

When there’s so many of you eating, as there often is at Christmas, it is hard to plan exact portions.

The Hello Fresh Christmas Box

The Hello Fresh Christmas Box

Our Hello Fresh Christmas box has been specially put together to feed either 4-6 or 6-8 people, but even then there are likely to be some leftovers.

That is why we have included some great recipe cards with ideas for using up all the tasty food. Continue reading


The origins of Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the biggest and most special meals of the year. It is a chance to enjoy a wonderful feast with family and loved ones, but it hasn’t always been turkey and roast potatoes that families were tucking in to. The Christmas dinner as we know and love it today has evolved over hundreds of years, changing veggies and meats over time. So what at the origins of the traditional Christmas roast? Continue reading

The story of Thanksgiving

Our friends across the pond are travelling to their family homes and rolling up their sleeves to prepare a hearty meal of turkey and pumpkin pie. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving time.

The political atmosphere may be fractious and America’s military presence abroad may rankle many of its citizens, but Thanksgiving offers Americans a holiday to be celebrated as they see fit, not dictated by religion or creed. Continue reading

What’s in your supermarket food? Some shocking facts and homemade food ideas.

Do we know what really goes into supermarket bought foods? Recently an Ipswich-based creator of “fresh” pesto were caught out by Trading Standards when it was found that their listed ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, locally grown basil and grana padano cheese, were actually cheap sunflower oil, Israeli basil and Latvian cheese. And while the pesto was marketed as ‘fresh’ it was actually being batch frozen. Continue reading

5 Awesome Autumn edibles!

“Muffin Tops”, that perennial nemesis of the perfect beach body. The phrase in itself is beautifully descriptive in its depiction of those dimpled, dough-like slabs unfurling over our belts that your average gym operator loves. Summer may be over and your gym may no longer be ranking second only to Mecca in terms of popularity, but refrain from reaching for the extra double cream just yet.

Autumn foods

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National Chocolate Week – Bring on the tasting!

Casanova drank chocolate as an aphrodisiac before seducing a woman, Napoleon reportedly carried chocolate on all his military campaigns and King Louis XIV of France established the position of ‘Royal Chocolate Maker of the King in his court’. John Tullius, the author, once said: “nine out of ten people love chocolate, the tenth lies”. Who loves chocolate?And he wasn’t far off. As one of the world’s most popular foods, the chocolate market shows no signs of slowing down – a new chocolate product was launched almost every hour of the day last year. After all, what’s not to like about chocolate? It’s silky, sweet with a creamy consistency and incredibly gratifying. Continue reading

National Curry Week – Tastebuds on high alert!

In case you hadn’t noticed, it is International Curry Week. It has been called our “national cuisine” and is undoubtedly a big player on the British cooking scene, with the UK curry industry worth in excess of £1 billion a year. The name curry itself hailing from the Tamil word ‘kari’, meaning ‘sauce’. Curry SpicesHeck, curry has captured the hearts and minds of the nation to such an extent that the England 1998 World Cup anthem (Vindaloo), was named after a dish first concocted on the other side of the globe. No matter if you’re a curry maven or not, here’s the Hello Fresh currypedia- a brief foray into the wonderful world of curries and Indian cooking. Second to Naan! Continue reading